2018 Greystones CSSM | Sunday 8th July - Friday 20th July

June 7th, 2018  →  News

2018 CSSM Greystones
Sunday 8th July - Friday 20th July
Making a promise is easy. Keeping it, well that’s something completely different! We make promise all time, but we don’t always keep our promises. Sometimes it’s because we not able to, sometimes it’s because we don’t want to, and sometimes we just forget.
God makes lots of [...]

Walk the Wall Fundraising walk for ICC 2018

June 6th, 2018  →  News

Greystones Walk - Sunday 30th September at 1pm

30 September 2018 • Hillside Evangelical Church
Raise money and walk for China’s abandoned and disabled
Join us as part of the global movement to give life and end abandonment
We will meet at Hillside Evangelical Church in Greystones at 1pm to register for the sponsored walk.
We will be walking part [...]