Oxygen Youth Club


Oxygen on facebookOxygen is a church program for teenagers in secondary school (roughly from 12-16). Every weekend on either a Saturday evening or Sunday morning we prepare a program including an icebreaker, study and game.

Our Mission statement is:

In a safe environment to meet with God, teach about God, meet with friends in an effort to grow in faith.

The Oxygen leader team consists of 5 dedicated members who meet every month to discuss the program, organize activities and plan the teachings. We are teaching from the book Every day with Jesus – first steps in Christian faith.

The Oxygen leaders have all followed and are certified in accordance with the Child Protection act. As a result we have implemented certain rules for all to follow. For example we always approach the group with 2 team leaders minimum. Also we use parent consent forms.

Our program is dedicated to the teen development in Christ. Any program starts with an icebreaker to get everybody relaxed and give the opportunity to participate. The study is aimed to be interactive while increasing knowledge of God’s love. The game is to have fun together with a light competitive edge. Apart from the normal program we also organize regular activities such as film nights, girls night / boys night, BBQ etc.